The Pigeon Prince

I was commissioned by the author M. R. Warriner to illustrate his story The Pigeon Prince. I loved the story from the very beginning, especially for the setting: the fabulous Venice, with its canals, bridges and squares, made even more magical by the Carnival. Furthermore, the fact that the protagonist of the story was a pigeon has allowed me to show Venice from particular point of view: I enjoyed illustrate ancient buildings’ roofs , churches’ domes and calli viewed from above.
The Pigeon Prince is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. From the overview of the book:
“Meet Paolo Piccione, one of the famous pigeons of St. Mark’s Square! Venice is a magnificent city, especially if you’re a pigeon. Not only do the people of Venice feed the birds, but tourists lay birdy banquets at their feet! However, Paolo, oh little Paolo, he yearns to be more than just a pigeon… This beautifully illustrated, lyrical story tells the tale of Paolo, a prince among pigeons who wants to be human, and the grand adventure that leads him to realize it is silly to long to be something he is not”.

The book is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.